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Associação Brasileira de Rolfing


Rolf Institute
Structural Integration


IASI - International Association of Structural Integrators

Rolf Institute Faculty

Schweizerische Gesellschaft fr Strukturelle Integration

Japanese Rolfing Association





This Virtual Library was conceived and built with the help of many friends and supporters across the world. It represents a truly collaborative effort of many hearts and minds.

Sources of the Collected Works

First and foremost, we must thank Dr. Ida P. Rolf, whose work is the foundation of everything gathered in the library.

Thanks to all of the authors who, guided by Ida Rolf’s inspiration, have advanced and given continuity to her inquiry by devoting their own energy and minds to create what is shared here.

Thanks to everyone who, over the years, has helped to create, nurture and maintain the Bulletin of Structural Integration, Rolf Lines, and Structural Integration – publications that have allowed so many to express themselves, to share their work, and to support and advance the art and science of Structural Integration.

Thanks especially to the Rolf Institute for faithfully publishing the work of our community for more than 35 years, and for allowing the articles from its publications to be presented here in PDF format.

Thanks to the ABR - Brazilian Rolfing Association, for creating Rolfing Brasil, a publication that serves as both an outlet for the intellectual production of the Brazilian Rolfing Community and a bridge into and from the Brazilian culture.

Building the Collection

Thanks to the technical team that made this dream a virtual reality:

Luiz Roberto Oliveira - technical management and programming
Daniel Grizante - art direction
Cassio Monteiro - content preparation and upload
Maria Angélica de Oliveira Paula - content revision
Silvia Prado - production

… To Alex Cerveny for the art illustration.

… To the translators, whose dedication has allowed this to be a truly international resource accessible to our colleagues and friends throughout the world: Hans-Georg Brecklinghauss and Suzanne Eichler (German), Sergio Pamplona and Maria Angélica de Oliveira Paula (French), Pierpaola Volpones and Laura Mattoli (Italian), and Sami Frenk and Cecilia Dithurbide (Spanish).

… To those members of the Rolf Institute Faculty whose initial financial contributions encouraged me to launch the project.

… To Carolina Ferreira, Hulda Bretones and Yeda Bocaletto who, in the early stages, began the selection and compilation of the library’s contents.

… To Jeff Linn for providing the very first CD version of the Bulletin of Structural Integration.

A special thanks and recognition to Heidi Massa for her multi-faceted assistance throughout the whole process; her work touched almost all aspects of the project as it evolved. Thanks for the teaching, advice, cultural bridge-building, and editing -- and above all, for trusting the project.

Finally, my deepest gratitude to Paula Mattoli for her faithful support and companionship.



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